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In our sport -- the greatest of them all -- we have many creatures of various descriptions and talents who actively join together in the teams competing in each race.  Unique among them is the amazing non-human who naturally and instinctively competes.

Alan Balch - CTT

Does advertising work?  How can you tell?  What makes it good?  How much should we spend?  Why should we spend anything at all?  Whatever we budget, how should we spend it?

A horse trainer without a high school diploma based his entire and considerable success on one aphorism, and relentlessly reminded his students and peers:  it’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts.

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy is a rarity among trainers. He speaks in complete sentences. Here’s what he said in a post-race interview after the biggest win of his career, Majestic Harbor’s 6 1/4-length upset at 14-1 in the Grade I Gold Cup at Santa Anita on June 28...