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The business of All Weather Racing across Europe

While racing on Dirt may have always been the norm in North America, the idea of All Weather racing in Europe, as the name implies, arose from a need to save race meetings otherwise lost to bad weather. A particularly severe winter some 30 years ago saw the loss of 72 days’ National Hunt racing in Britain alone, but despite the obvious premise of switching to artificial surfaces, the first British All Weather racing took place on the Flat at Lingfield Park in 1989 and today All Weather tracks are used for Flat racing, and all year round at that

Andrzej Walicki

Andrzej Walicki is an exceptional personage of the Polish turf. Although he isn't the only active horse trainer in Poland with close to a 50-year tenure, the successes of his charges make him the best Polish trainer since World War II, if not in the entire history of Polish horseracing.

Incident Management

The UK Fire and Rescue Service along with large animal veterinary associations have responded to the need for a joined-up approach and standard operating protocols when dealing with emergency situations involving large animals. This article explores the concepts and techniques required to safely resolve such incidents and demonstrates how these skills in planning for and managing the unforeseen or unwanted event are being translated into the everyday operational activity of the equine professional community.

Neutraceuticals for Horses from Nature’s Basket

Nature’s basket offers a rich source of beneficial nutrients, including phytonutrients.  Horse owners and trainers have always been interested in what these sometimes relatively un-researched ingredients can offer for the health and performance of horses in training.  In this article, I explore three ingredients that have become popular components of supplements and also as stand-alone products