Equestrian Surfaces

Equestrian Surfaces are leading suppliers in high performance synthetic all weather surfaces, over the 28years trading we have a highly respected range of synthetic surfaces with the flagship surface being the Cushion Track.

Equestrian Surfaces mission is to provide a safe and consistent surface for horse, rider and trainer. We are constantly striving to improve, using research and development to emulate a surface as close to turf as possible. Not only this but we are the only equestrian company to be environmentally approved and 9001 UKAS accredited, meaning that all our products are made to a quality standard second to none. Alongside this being the only company to manufacture our own stabilising fibre, which is a vital component in modern day surfaces and the core to all our products, for this reason we can guarantee a quality and consistency to our surfaces no other company can match.

Professionals choose Equestrian Surfaces as they believe it is essential to train on the best surfaces possible, our surfaces not only support the horses limbs, but they also reduce the risk associated with rigorous training regimes which are regularly placed on the modern day race horse.

Cushion Track which has been developed and improved over the years and is a mix of multi washed silica sand, environmentally approved stabilising fibre and coated in a wax binding, offering the ultimate safety for both horse and rider. The wax within the surface means that the surface is frost resistant and requires minimal maintenance and no irrigation to keep it in premium condition. All of Equestrian Surfaces products are different to many other surfaces on the market due to the specialist fibres which are uniquely blended and that the surface has been rigorously tested to provide the ultimate footing in terms of consistency, durability and quality.

The Cushion Track is installed at Klampenborg, Jaegersro within Europe. Within the UK it is laid within the Jockey Club Estates at Lambourn, and Ireland The Curragh racecourse have a schooling lane. There are many more.

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