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There is action at Hialeah in 2007. On e-bay. You can buy a Hialeah glass graced by a pink flamingo for $6.99. Flamingos are also depicted on Hialeah Park linen offered at $7.99. Or maybe you’d prefer three Hialeah post cards for $3.99.
Bill Heller (19 May 2007 - Issue Number: 3)

WHEN Frank Stronach says he is optimistic that "down the line" his company can control "ten per cent of all the gambling in the world" the queue of punters wanting to bet against him may be very short. He has a record of reaching his targets, and if he ruffles a few feathers along the way, so what.
Howard WrightFirst Published: (19 September 2006 - Issue Number: 1)