NEW GastroGard® Performance Pack + £60 cashback on pack purchases

To celebrate the launch of the NEW GastroGard® Performance Pack, Merial are offering a £60 cashback on pack purchases made before the end of September 2015.

The formulation in GastroGard® is proven to deliver omeprazole beyond the stomach to areas of the gut where it can be rapidly & consistently absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s why thousands of vets and trainers worldwide trust GastroGard® to heal or prevent gastric ulcers in their horses, keeping them healthy for optimum performance.

The new GastroGard® Performance Pack contains: 8 packs of 7 pre filled syringes.

If you are an ETF/NTF/TBA member, simply download this voucher following purchase of a new GastroGard® Performance Pack and return along with proof of purchase before 30th September 2015 to receive your £60 cheque.

REMEMBER 93% of racehorses in training suffer from gastric ulcers*

They can affect performance, training, appetite and temperament, as well as the overall health and wellbeing of these horses**.

Please refer to your veterinary surgeon for further information and advice on diagnosis and treatment of equine gastric ulcers in race horses. Or find out more at

£60 cash back is currently available to all ETF/NTF/TBA members and is not valid for the contents of promotional packs.


*. Murray MJ et al. Factors associated with gastric ulcers in thoroughbred racehorses. Equine Vet J 1996;28(5):368-374.

**. McClure SR et al. Efficacy of omeprazole paste for prevention of recurrence of gastric ulcers in horses in race training. J Am Vet Med Assoc 2005;226(10):1685-1688. ***. Andrews FM et al. Efficacy of omeprazole paste in the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers in horses. Equine Vet J 1999;29(Suppl):81-86.

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equinITy - the workout tracking technology as used for Mubtaahij

equinITy - the workout tracking technology as used for Mubtaahij