Autumn 2012, issue 39 (PRINT)

Autumn 2012, issue 39 (PRINT)



  • Cover Profile - Michael Figge

  • Jockey and trainer fees - delving into the financial aspects of prize money distribution

  • To beet or not to beet? - is beetroot a good addition to the equine athlete's diet? 

  • Yasutoshi Ikee - trainer of Japanese Horse of the Year, Orfevre, before his Europe visit

  • Laminitis and cryotherapy - how cold will you go? 

  • Asian Racing Conference - food for thought in Istanbul

  • Standing fracture repair - an important step forward in fracture repair

  • Chinese racing - golden opportunities may await horseracing in unexpected places

  • All the King's horses - the fascinating racing history associated with the King's Royal Hussars

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