July - September, issue 66 (DIGITAL)

July - September, issue 66 (DIGITAL)

  • Kevin Prendergast

Lissa Oliver meets the octogenarian trainer riding high with leading 3yo Madhmoon.

  • Equine pain management

    How we can recognise and manage pain in horses by Prof. Celia Marr.

  • An introduction to the functional aspects of conformation

    The first in a series of articles by Judy Wardrope which set out different ways to examine how a horse’s conformation affects their running style.

  • Good Going

    Are ground descriptions accurate across Europe? Lissa Oliver investigates.

  • Advances in imaging of the equine athletic heart

    Francesca Worsman examines how veterinary surgeons can now examine the equine heart and learns about the benefits that the new opportunities present.

  • How has horses feed changed?

    Catherine Rudenko looks at thoroughbred nutrition past and present.

  • Post-race collapse

    Dr. David Marlin examines the tell tell signs and ways to prevent horses collapsing post race .

  • News from the EMHF

    Dr. Paull Khan reports from this years EMHF general assembly in Oslo .

  • Trainer welfare

    Lissa Oliver finds out what trainers can do when ‘trolls’ target trainers on social media sites and ask trainers how they deal with it.

  • Technical Focus

    Alysen Miller discovers a number of ways technology is advancing training regimes across Europe.


  • Andreas Löwe in conversation with Peter Muhlfeit about his career journey.

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