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With the cost of owning and training horses only going one way, costs and fees become ever more important. At the same time the number of horses being bought, trained and raced overseas continues to grows, meaning owners and trainers should be mindful of what they’re paying for converting currency and making overseas payments.  Banks typically charge between 3% and 5% for foreign exchange transactions, plus transfer fees on top, while providing what is often a slow and convoluted process.

Racing FX is a Foreign Exchange and payments provider to the Equine and sports industries. It delivers a private personal service to its clients offering cheaper rates, fast payments and a hassle free solution whilst ensuring client money is fully protected at all times. We can save you money on purchase costs, regular fees - such as overseas training cost -  purchase of goods and equipment, or conversion of prize money, as quickly as same day, or by fixing a rate for conversion for a future time.

Racing FX is fully authorised by the FCA and registered with HMRC as a money service business so adheres to the strictest controls and regulations to ensure client money is never at risk;  it is held in segregated and protected client accounts with a major UK bank at all times.

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