ProPad was designed with a flexible frog support to fill the void between frog and ground when the horse is shod. The flexible frog supports extends the frog and works as a shock absorber. It unloads the hoof wall and improves circulation in the hoof. ProPads unique accordion-like design allows the frog support to follow all movements of the frog without causing pressure at rest.

ProPads gives the horse a barefoot feeling when shod.When the horse is shod the bottom of the hoof is too high off the ground and will not get the proper ground contact, all weight will be on the hoof wall.

The ProPad Support Soft and Xtra-Soft have a softer material imbedded in the frog support and heel. This will effectively reduce shock and vibrations.

Commonly pads are used on front feet, since most weight is on the front. But all hoofs work the same way, so it’s equally important to compensate for the suspended frogs behind.ProPad works on all breeds of horses. Don’t wait for injuries! Compensate for the lack of length and function of the frog with ProPad on your horse before an injury occurs. The ProPad comes in 3 density’s; Propad S (Basic Support), Propad SS (Support Soft) and Propad SXS (Xtra-Soft). They come in Small (fits 000 thru 0) & Medium (fits 0 thru 00) and the 

Support Soft and Xtra-Soft also come in a Large (fits 2 thru 3.5). They can be used with any open-heeled shoe. For more information visit www.Razerhorse.com

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